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Veggie Frankie

By : Umarani Nannapuraju | Category : Food | Last Updated : 2018-06-19

Frankie is a street food which is originated from Kolkata. It can be taken as a brunch or breakfast. It can be made with veg as well as non-veg. that is stuffing may be veg or non-veg.

vegetarian stuffing is very healthy as it can contain many healthy ingredients like carrot, cabbage, leafy vegetables etc now we are discussing paneer veggie Frankie, which is very healthy and delicious as paneer is a milk product which contains calcium. Paneer is very tasty and healthy. Paneer veggie Frankie can also be called as veg paneer wrap.

The time required: 10 minutes for preparation and 10 minutes for cooking and the total time required is 20 minutes.

Course: Breakfast, Brunch, Snacks.

Cuisine: Street food



onion paste 1 cup

ginger garlic paste 1 Tbsp

red chili powder 2 Tbsp

garam masala 2 Tbsp

coriander powder 2 tbsp

½ cup tomato puree

Cashew paste 1 tbsp

Curd 2 tbsp


Paneer pieces

Fresh coriander leaves

Refined flour 1 cup



Lemon juice

Description :

Firstly, we have to prepare the stuffing batter then we have to prepare roti and we should stuff the batter on the roti then roll the roti and serve it.

For Stuffing :

Take a pan and put it on the stove and heat it, then pour 1 tablespoon oil, 1 cup onion paste, 1 tablespoon Ginger garlic paste, mix them and wait for 2 minutes and put 2 tablespoons Red chilli powder, 2 tablespoons Garam masala, 2 tablespoons coriander powder, half cup tomato puree, 1 tablespoon cashew paste and 2 tablespoon curd and mix all of them well and cook them for sometime and add salt to taste and add paneer pieces. Cook them for some times and finally add coriander leaves. Stuff for battering is ready. Now we have to prepare roti.

Frankie preparation:

Take a bowl, add one cup of refined flour, salt to taste, water as required to make a dough and oil. Mix them and keep it aside in a closed container. After some time it will be very smooth. Make the dough into the small amount and make it as roti's, Take a pan and put it on the stove and slightly roast the roti. Put it aside for sometime. Before serving to take the half cooked roti’s and roast them fully with butter. Now take one roti and put some onion, Frankie masala, shattered cabbage and the prepared paneer stuff and one tablespoon of lemon juice, roll the roti and close it one side to prevent leaking and serve it which is very delicious to eat.


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