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Wizo New Home Automation Device

By : Sarita Panchal | Category : News | Last Updated : 2018-08-02

It also increases the level of lifestyle and using this it I possible to switch on or off home appliances on time via Smartphone. Someone may say that what are the new features in this as many more appliances like this are already available in the market.

The main feature is that available devices need to totally reset wiring and switches which is very expensive, time-consuming but this device is home-based required no new wiring which results in saving money and efforts and it makes bungalow, offices smarts within a second very easily .

Wizo 45 is new Smart, innovative, wifi originator and easily connected device in Wizo Series .It can be fit on back side of the old board .Four application running on electricity can be connected to it from anywhere .In spite of this, high power consuming appliances like AC. freeze ,Electric pump ,Sprinkler ,Gazer also connected easily and effectively using Wizo Power Switch .

After fitting it anyone from home can control connected devices to SmartphPrime minister Narendra Modi has started digital India, Make in India mission from that idea of smart city has evolved .Smart city revels idea of smart homes with smart peoples.Three inventors from Nasik has changed the idea of smart home with the invention of new series of Wizo device (automated device).

Aditya Joshi, Swapnil Mashalkar, Sidharth Kulkarni has developed smart ,fully functional, automated ,easy to handle and cheaper device for general people in order to make smart city. With the invention of this series they are succeed in making false the idea that smart home concept is very expensive.

one using Wizo app . In this way efficiency of home appliances can be increased .It will gives profit to common peoples but like god gift for old peoples, parent .so for smart home automation must see the demo of this application.


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