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Tension of Pension

By : Sarita Panchal | Category : News | Last Updated : 2018-08-02

Some of the peoples who gets pension say that when they got pension, have no tension .but increasing digitalization non .Government employs are facing some difficulties . We are not against the digitalization but on the name of digitalization to deprive the support of old is not well.

MP gets pension after some year of their retirement but government employ are facing problems and struggling for pension after doing 30,35 service due to digitalization at older age for getting life certificate, Aadhar linkage by spending their own money and need to visit office often.

Peoples are abusing that instead of helping older, government is creating problem in front of them .24,579 pensioner daily visit to regional office but out of them 11,165 pensioners till a date are deprived from pension from few months. Due to digitalization and government rule banks under the revenue department are focusing on life certificates and online linkage of Aadhar card and other documents to bank accounts.

Central Government has made all work online related to future fund .SBI,BOI,PNB,AXIS,HDFC,ICICI,CBI, all these banks are related to future fund department .Retired employ from service at village are obtunded from pension from their district branches .After Aathar linkage they are getting their pension .

Central department of future fund has been order to create set up for life certificate but some banks are ignoring this .In other way Government banks are going in losses without thinking a plane for overcoming from this situation, they are telling long list of term and condition to the pensioners. This is ashamed thing.


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